Tan Tricks: How To Contour Your Body In An Instant

Love it or hate it, there’s truth in the old ‘if you can’t tone it, tan it’ adage - a golden hue really does seem to trim inches from your waistline. So start off with an over-all bronze hue using a foolproof product like St.Tropez’s Gradual Tan In shower Lotion Golden Glow Medium. You can now go a step further - clever contouring with a self-tanner can create a six-pack or defined legs. And, yes, you can do it at home. Here’s how:

Cleavage: Highlighting the tops of the breasts and collarbone will create more definition, but if it’s the illusion of pertness you’re after, try dipping a medium-sized chunk of cotton wool into a self-tanner like St.Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse then shading above, below and in-between the fullest parts of your breasts. Remember to blend out the edges!

Arms: For Jennifer Aniston tone without the years of yoga, hold arms out straight down and run the tan across the underside of your tricep (the muscle that runs along the back of your arms). Add a little to the outside of your upper arm, then bend your elbow, flex the muscle and trace a little over the hollow underneath your biceps.

Stomach: This one’s simple: just draw a line from the centre of the cleavage to your belly button and add some light shadows on either side, horizontally, between the rib cage to the hip bones.

Legs: Once you’ve mastered this you’ll dread miniskirts no more. Start by lifting up your leg to find the natural definition of the inner thigh and then run your self-tanner down the hollow. Next, bend into a squat and note the definition of your quads (the muscles above your knees) and apply self-tanner to the hollows that run in a line from the bum to the quads - this line is essential! Finally, apply a little highlighter to the fronts and backs of your legs to augment the effect.

Bum: The same technique you used for the cleavage applies to this area. Tan just the lower outside areas of the bum and leave the top and centre for the appearance of light bouncing off of the top part, making it look higher and tighter.

Image by St. Tropez

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