SHOW Dry Insider : How you should really talk about colour to your stylist

Poor communication with your colourist can have disastrous consequences, with you more likely than not emerging with the wrong colour. Here are a few tips to avoid misunderstandings and get the shade you really want:

A lot of time and effort goes into getting your hair coloured – get it right and you get an instant ego boost, feel fresher, have a lot more confidence and hopefully a spring in your step too. Get it wrong, though, and you’ll end up scraping your hair back into a ponytail until your next salon visit. Communication is crucial - if you and your colourist are on the same page, you’re likely to leave the hairdressers with a colour you love. These tips should help:

Be honest. Don’t be scared to say exactly what you do and don’t like.If you leave the salon with a couple of stripy highlights framing your face rather than natural, sun kissed locks, let them know. And if your hair snaps after one too many minutes under the climazone tell them that your hair is fragile and susceptible to breakage when using chemicals pre.

Go with the right person.It’s important you like the colourist’s vibe, technique and even aesthetic - their own hair and look may give you an indication of the direction in which they’ll take your look. It’s a good idea to look up what they’ve done before on social media or go with a recommendation from a friend whose hair you love. If you see someone with a hair colour you like, be brave and ask them who coloured it and then book in for a consultation with them.

Take in a photograph.Find a picture that’s been taken in daylight so you can see the warm and cool tones and the depth of the colour; there’s no point taking in a photograph of someone in warm candlelight as the tones will not show up properly. To make life easier, look for someone with a similar base colour to your own so that the look is achievable on your head of hair. You could even take in a picture of yourself when you loved your hair colour the most - and ones where you liked the colour the least.

Speak the same language. If you find technical colour talk baffling, don’t be afraid to point that out at the beginning of your conversation. Looking at pictures together at this point can be enormously helpful, as can using descriptive words like caramel and vanilla to help to indicate the colour you’re after.

Use hair extensions to fake the colour.Try getting the hair colourist to use hair pieces around your face to decide the colour, or take your own into the salon if you have them, particularly if they are your favourite shade. The hair colourist will be able to emulate them.

Why we love glossing treatments

From wanting your balayage to pop or hair that’s silky smooth to taking down the brassiness of tired blonde, a glossing treatment can achieve myriad looks and will last for weeks. Tone is deposited into the hair strand - whether that’s cool and ashy, warm and vibrant - but the colour will not be lifted or lightened as the formulas are free of bleach and harsh chemicals. Spring is the perfect time to get your hair colour revitalised and this will ensure you emerge from the salon with glossy locks.

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