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How can I make my dull hair look glossy and healthy again?

Minimise damage with a clever drying technique. Don’t start blowdrying the underneath portion of your hair until you’ve done the top section - that’s the bit everyone sees, and giving the bottom layer extra time to air dry before blasting it will reduce damage. If you’re a blow dry addict, make sure you’re spraying the Sheer Thermal Protect through the ends before drying, use medium heat only and make sure your dryer is at least six inches from your hair pointing the nozzle downwards.

Switch to natural bristles.Mason Pearson brushes are an enduring classic for a reason - the natural bristles smooth down cuticles, carrying sebum from the roots to ends, coating the strand and rendering hair shiny. As this only works when hair’s dry, use a plastic-bristled brush to detangle straight out the shower, and a natural-bristled brush once bone dry.

Master shine products.If you end up with greasy, limp lengths every time you use a shine product, you’re probably just applying it wrong. If spraying, hold the bottle at least eight inches away from your head, or just spritz onto your hairbrush and run through your hair in short strokes starting towards the ends and moving up towards the roots. If you like using an oil, coat your palms in some Pure Treatment Oil and smooth along the ends to tame frizz and add lustre.

Sleep on silk.If you find your hair is tangled and dry come the morning, switch your cotton pillowcase for a silk one - it’ll absorb far less moisture from your hair. We love Gingerlily’s Mulberry Silk versions.

Get Popping A Fatty Acid.Try Sea Buckthorn - it is rich in beta-carotene, vitamin C and omega 7s - the combination will help to make your hair super shiny from the inside out.

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