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FAQs #6: How can I prevent my blonde hair from taking on an orange hue?

Because nobody wants yellow hair…

There’s no getting around it: being a bottle blonde is an expensive business: “Coloured blonde hair is much more porous than virgin hair so it discolours easily whether from build up or the colour is lifted,” says SHOW Beauty colour expert Amelia Pettifer. Light blondes will go yellow, while deeper blondes can easily become brassy. Don’t despair: here are some tips to keep your blonde colour fresh and bright for longer:

1. The Culprit : Sulphates and Shampoo

Most blondes need a toner after hair has been bleached to get their desired shade, be it honey, caramel or platinum. Sulphates in shampoos can strip this toner out, leaving the hair with a yellow tinge. For blonde-friendly shampoos look for ones that are ‘sulphate-free’, such as the complete SHOW Beauty collection.

2. The Culprit : Your Shower

Hard water in our homes often contain high levels of iron and other minerals, particularly if it’s an outdated plumbing system. These metals penetrate porous, blonde hair and absorb like a sponge, resulting in discolouration and dry and brittle hair. Rinsing hair with bottled water is an (extreme) option, but the best thing to do is get a shower head fitted with a filter to prolong your colour.

3. The Culprit : The Swimming Pool

Pool water can completely change the colour of your hair, even after only a few laps. As well as damaging the blonde, if the pool contains chlorine it can also strip hair of natural oils and leave a green tinge in its wake. To sidestep the damage, shower first and then massage conditioner into the lengths to act as a shield.

4. The Culprit : Over Washing

The more you wash your hair, the quicker your colour can turn thanks to the stripping effect of shampooing and the drying that follows styling. Start using a dry shampoo to stretch the time between washes, or if you need to wet your hair, skip shampoo and just apply a little conditioner and rinse out. You could also give a purple or blue shampoo a try - they distribute cool pigments throughout the hair to neutralise warmer orange or yellow.

5. The Culprit : Sunchine

Exposure to the sun isn’t just the cause of age spots and fine lines - it will also turn your hair yellow/orange and rob it of its shine. If you are planning to spend lots of time in the sun, make sure you pack a UV hair protector, reapplying it every time you top up your SPF. If you do this and still get fading or brassy tones wearing a hat or a headscarf to keep hair hidden from the UV rays and keep it looking fresh.

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