FAQ: What’s the best way to get a cool tousled look?

We are obsessed with tousled, off-duty model hair and it’s pretty easy to do – you just need to arm yourself with a few pro tricks so you can look as effortlessly put together (rather than like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards).

• If your hair is frizzy,you need to keep the volume but smooth it down a bit. Try combing some Show Beauty Riche Grooming Balm through with your fingers; this will give you the waves, while toning down the frizz.

• You don’t always have to have freshly cleaned locksto nail this one, so on next day hair cancel out the grease with a dry shampoo like Premiere Dry Shampoo (this will also bulk up flat roots) and rub the lengths and ends with the pads of your fingers to create a cool girl texture.

• If you’re looking to wear your hair up,go for an extension of the undone look with a low pony, fastening it with something understated and cool like a leather band and pulling out strands around the face to add nonchalance. Massage roots in need of density with Lux Volume Mousse for an instant thickening effect and air-dry beforehand for the perfect texture.

• Hair with this texture needs a bit of volumeor it can look flat and lifeless. To add oomph, simply tip your head upside down, spray your hair with Premiere Finishing Spray and shake it around. Flip it, put your hands in it. The more texture the better.

• It’s not about looking structured,so keep the top and the edges loose for a softer finish. For the fluffy fly-aways, pinch strands around the temples. Remember that you need movement in this one so spray with a flexible hairspray to finish.

• If your hair is layered it is easierto accentuate your natural texture. To do this, towel-dry hair so it’s damp but not dripping and run Premiere Working Texture Spray through the lengths from roots-to-tips with your fingers. Let it dry naturally as you want the kinks and curls to come through.

• If you want more volume at the roots,try some gentle backcombing. Spray the Premiere Dry Shampoo into your roots, tip your head upside down, spray the product onto the scalp and backcomb at the roots.

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