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FAQ #9 : What’s the best way to use dry shampoo?

Blow-dry-extending, texture-enhancing and volume-boosting, it’s not surprising that dry shampoo is a top beauty buy. But there’s more to dry shampoo - or, rather more ways to use dry shampoo - than you’d expect. Here are some rules - and ideas:

Pick the right product.You need a dry shampoo that is invisible and won’t leave a chalky residue. SHOW Beauty Premiere Dry Shampoo is ideal, as it contains tapioca powder to soak up oil and smells brilliant.

Only apply it to dry hair. If you spritz onto hair that’s even slightly damp, you’re at risk of creating a build up at the roots which could clog up the follicles and damage scalp health. It will also appear dry and flaky - not a good look.

Less is more. Applying too much can make your hair look lacklustre and dull. Spray a little, wait a few moments while it settles and then spray again if needed.

Don’t blast it everywhere.Around your ears, at the nape of your neck and around your face are areas that are most prone to greasiness, so focus your attention there – and only to the top few inches near the roots – your lengths and ends won’t get oily so it will sit on top of the hair shaft instead of soaking up excess grease.

… Unless you want an all over ‘freshen up’.In which case, divide your hair into two inch sections and spray at the roots from 8-10 inches away. Shake your head slightly as you do this so you’re not concentrating the blast on one part of your scalp. To finish, massage your roots with fingertips and flip your head upside down to give it a final shake for oomph and to make sure the powder has been evenly distributed.

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