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FAQ #15: What are the best products and tips for styling fine hair?

We are fascinated with creating volume here at SHOW Beauty. Equipped with the right power-playing products, those of us with perennially flat hair will find it easy to boost body - and there are some amazing volume-packed hairstyling tips to fake thicker hair and texture to lifeless locks, too.

Choose a ‘volumising’ shampoo. It might sound obvious, but shampoos designed specifically to boost volume cleverly contain thickening ingredients that bulk up thin strands while leaving it nice and shiny. Try SHOW Beauty Lux Volume Shampoo.

Deep clean oily roots will attract dirt and contribute to weighed down hair, particularly at the roots. Use a clarifying shampoo once a week to get rid of that buildup; this will give hair lift at the roots and provide a great base for the thickening styling products to come.

Careful with conditioner.Conditioners can be touch-and-go when it comes to fine hair. Lux Volume Conditioner is lightweight but specifically formulated to moisturise hair leaving it soft and shiny. Apply to the lengths but leave the roots free.

Mousse is a must.Adding a palmful of Lux Volume Mousse to damp hair before you blow-dry will transform wilted strands giving your hair maximum lift. Focus on the roots for superior volume.

Dry shampoos boost volume fast.
Sprayed directly into the roots, dry shampoo adds weightless texture thanks to its silky powders. Premiere Dry Shampoo is translucent so gives the hair the appearance of thicker hair without leaving that give-away residue.

Get to the root of the problem.Keeping hair healthy and strong will give density at the ends, whereas frazzled strands and fly-aways from over-processing or too much heat styling will cause breakage and wispiness. Eat a healthy, balanced diet full of Omega 3, don’t overuse heat-styling tools or over-process hair (blonde addicts beware!), and treat your lengths and ends to a strengthening mask twice a week.

A round brush is essential.Pull the brush through the hair from underneath, then press the cold button on your hairdryer to help keep the density at the roots. Gently pin up each section with clips as you go, releasing them when hair is cool.

Go for a hair-raising half up do. Ponytails and plaits are out of the question because they emphasise the lack of volume. Instead, spritz Working Texture Spray into the roots and use your brush to boost volume then create a bit of height at the front by teasing. Smooth over the top with your brush, then tweak the hair up with your fingers. Secure the bump with kirby grips to your crown and finish with a blast of hairspray.

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