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Anti-Age your hair colour

Let your skincare take a break. These five catwalk-inspired hair shades will make you look instantly younger:

Very dark hair can often appear overly solid and ‘wig-like’ and this lack of depth is very ageing. Rich, warm lowlights pulled through the dark colour will add dimension and lift the face. Think warm chocolatey shades instead of cold ebony blue hues. If you still want the drama of black, keep the warmer tones to the top of the head away from the face.

ASK FOR: A warm, rich chocolate brown with pink hues.


When it comes to highlights, it is important to choose the right shade - too ashy and your hair will age you, too warm and it will look brassy. Golden hair is youthful and so are soft hues of blonde like honey and creamy vanilla. The lightest blonde framing the face will add warmth to your skin, lift your eyes and highlight the youthful angles of your face, so they’re perfect for those with pale skin tones.

ASK FOR: Caramel and lighter slice highlights with a golden, creamy colour toner.


Redheads should have copper undertones instead of plum or burgundy tones; copper is lively, flattering, and brings out the warmth in the skin whereas blue toned plum shades can make skin appear washed out. Again, it is important for the hair to have depth so intermingle light brown lowlights with the brighter copper. We love a fiery tangerine hue.

ASK FOR: Strawberry blonde lowlights and highlights.


Opting for an all-over black-brown with golden highlights will give instant definition and depth to tight curls. These highlights will also compliment earthy skin tones and bring more of a glow to the face.

ASK FOR: 4D effect colour, metallic brown with light balayage through the underneath sections.


Muted brunettes should opt for cinnamon tones instead of ashy highlights to compliment the natural brown shade and brighten the face and eyes. A gloss treatment will make sure the high-shine finish channels a modern vibe too.

ASK FOR: A light brown toner smudged with your choice of a warmer hue.

Images from info@imaxtree.com

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