The Rise Of The Vegan Manicure

If you’re wondering how a manicure could NOT be vegan then you’re excused. The world of cruelty-free beauty is tricky to navigate at the best of times but now finally, brands, and beauty experts, are becoming better informed and in turn are making ethical choices about our beauty regimes. The latest trend for ‘Vegan Manicures’ is a great example of a handful of beauty brands listening to their customers and then striving to provide them with a cruelty-free option.

Want to know where to start?
Zoya, Spa Ritual and NCLA are just a couple of the brands who are certified 100% Vegan. This means they contain no animal by-products or ingredients (Shellac uses a bug derivative and regular polish use fish scales). It also means than none of their products - or ingredients - are tested on animals, nor do they sell in China where animal testing is required by law.

If you’re concerned that the payoff won’t be as good, then worry not. Professional nail brands like Spa Rituals make it their business to ensure shades are just as vibrant and glossy as you’ve come to expect from pro-manicures. Shade choice is extensive with everything from chic, deep nudes to shocking neons up for grabs, so you really won’t need to make any compromises on colour.

Another great benefit of Vegan nail brands is that they are all non-toxic (often labelled ‘5-free’ or ‘7-free’), making them far healthier for your nails AND the environment.

Shellac, gel, and two-week manicures is where it gets a little fuzzy as most contain an ingredient taken from Lac-Bugs, but a few hero Vegan US nail brands have developed impressive alternatives. NYC brand Madam Glam is a firm favourite of Vegan beauty blogs for it’s long-wearing formula and mega colour-selection. NCLA is another great option and their ‘Gelous’ range boasts a 21-day promise.

Vegan Nail Range To Know:

· NCLA, wraps and a killer choice of regular polish

· shades and effects

· Zoya Chic & affordable. Longest wearing natural nail polish brand out there. Great for nudes and naturals.

· Spa Rituals pro range with effective hand and nail treatments for strength-building.

· Madam Glam ( Amazing choice of types of polish, including glow in the dark shades. Brilliant pro-gel range as well.


Liz Hambleton, Beauty Director at Treatwell
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