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The 'Face Lift' Massage

A few minutes a day of facial massage can smooth, lift and contour. Here are the DIY secrets celebrity beauty therapist Nichola Joss swears by…

Depending on how serious you are - and how much time you have in your daily routine - ideally you want to give yourself facial massage for a few minutes every morning and evening. Follow these simple steps that will wake up the skin and jump start your day:


1.Start by massaging with your cleanser, either in the shower if you’re running short on time, or over the sink. Use your hands to open up your face, awaken the muscles, stimulate reflexology points/the lymphatic system to drain puffiness and toxins while getting rid of any dead skin from the night before. I love oil cleansers as they will encourage you to massage. Apply a few drops in the palms of your hands, and with sweeping motions and a bit of pressure, glide over the bridge of the nose going outwards towards the hairline.

2.Apply pressure concentrating on the jawline using your fingers and working in circular motions. Then sweep outwards from under the cheekbones with your fingers up towards the temples.

3.With pressure, smooth from the eyebrows up towards the hairline, then work from side-to-side across the forehead.

4.It’s important to move under the ears and across the neck. To get it right, take your left hand to the right ear, swoop across the neck and the top of the chest over to the shoulder blades to open up the lymphatic system, which will help with drainage. Take the massage all the way down to your chest and then repeat on the other side.



The most important time to do your facial massage is bedtime - but as soon as you get into the house after work, take off our make-up and put on your retinol, peptides and army of anti-ageing ingredients to get working for you while you’re getting the kids ready for bed or watching TV etc.

Then at bedtime keep an oil by the side of your bed so that even if I do one minute it’s something. I love Decleor oils and balms, but any facial oil will work. This is about concentrating on the jawline, around the eye area, the forehead and finishing again with the lymph drainage around the neck.

1.Pour a good amount of oil or balm in the palms of your hands, rub together and deliver the oil onto the skin pressing firmly onto the face, forehead, sides of the face, neck and chest.

2.Press the palms in the centre of the face and sweep outwards and upwards, removing tension and stress and softening muscles. Do this quite a few times.

3.Work on the lymphs under the ears and across the neck to the upper shoulders applying pressure.

4.Address the jawline. Take the first two fingers of each hand with palms facing away and grip the jaw in between the two fingers and sweep out towards the bottom of the ears. Repeat this 12 times. You can either do this separately or together. Then do the same but with the knuckles bent for deeper stimulation to tone muscles and stimulate the lymph nodes.

5.Next, move onto the cheekbones. Take the base of the heel of the hand and apply to the cheekbones and drop your face onto your hands to apply pressure to ease tension and stress. These are the muscles where atrophy sets in first, so it’s important to keep this area flush and toned.

6.Then take your first two fingers, find that point of your cheekbones again and slide one finger to your nose and the other to your ears so you’re lifting the cheekbones muscle, defining the contour giving the muscle shape.

7.Address the eye area and the eye lid. Using those two fingers again, place your index finger onto the temple and and sweeping (not pulling) the skin, take your middle finger and slide to the bridge of the nose, in and out six times, and instead of sliding back go to the bridge of the nose and take it across the eyebrows until it meets the index finger at the temple. This encourages lymphatic drainage and helps to produce hyaluronic acid and to remove puffiness and encourage the eye to be brighter. Applying pressure here will also help to stimulate the muscles on the eyelids keeping them tight and slightly lifted.

8.Once you’ve done all of these movements, the next thing to do is play and be organic - you’ll feel where you have muscle tension. This will help to remove toxins which are ageing to the skin, build up blood circulation which is full of nutrition and oxygen, and speed up the rejuvenation process. Just get into the habit of doing it every single night. Massage and aromatherapy will also help you to be more in the moment stopping that tumble drier of thoughts in the brain and helping you to have better quality sleep.

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