Summer's Sporty Skin

5 tips to faking post-workout skin. Let’s get physical…

Given the current vogue for working out, wearing the latest “athleisurewear”, Instagramming smashed avocado and, well, all things healthy living, is it really any wonder that skin wants in on the action? “Sporty”, “athletic”, “fresh” and “gym skin” were the words that tripped off make-up artists’ lips time after time at the SS17 shows. So, get ready to put your skin through its paces. This is what we learnt from the experts…

Warm up.As any make-up artist worth their salt will tell you, great make-up starts with even better skincare. By massaging a super-hydrating serum or cream into your face, you’ll bring blood to the skin’s surface and achieve the kind of “warm from within” glow you’d get from a class of Bikram yoga. We love Vanderohe’s No 1 Nourishing Face Serum for its slightly thicker texture that simply begs to be massaged in.

Work it.The point about sporty skin is that it must look glowy, but naturally so – as if you really have just emerged from that barre class wearing barely any make-up at all. Dior’s Diorksin Forever Perfect Cushion not only ticks the box in terms of the current pillow product trend, but it also evens out your skin tone, whilst remaining translucent. Plus, its compact packaging means you can take it everywhere. Think of it as your very own mobile skin gym.

Tone up.Apricot, terracotta and rusty blushers were the tones that gave good glow at shows such as House of Holland and Alexis Mabille. Make like you've just left that Pilates class by applying your blush low on the cheek, allowing the colour to nestle into the bone to create the illusion of a natural flush. We love Laura Mercier’s Windflush Colour Powder for Cheeks & Eyes for its beautiful colour and the fact that it stays put - even if you break a real sweat.

Bounce...the light that is.Backstage at the shows we witnessed super sheeny skin finishes in a trend that Terry Barber, MAC’s Director of Makeup Artistry describes as an overall “preoccupation with shine”. Get dewy, just-broken-a-sweat skin by patting YSL’s Touche Eclat Glow Shot in Daylight, Sunset or Sunrise (from April 26th) onto the tops of cheekbones, the temples, the bridge of the nose and your Cupid’s bow. A flash beneath your brows and onto your collarbones wouldn’t go amiss too.

Refresh.Far easier than performing 100 ab crunches or lunging to exhaustion, you can simply revive your sporty skin anytime, anywhere with the make-up artists’ backstage staple: Facial mist. Elizabeth Arden’s new Eight Hour Hydrating Miracle Hydrating Mist continues the legend of their Eight Hour Cream – and gives skin a gorgeous, post-gym glisten in a single spritz. Make room for it in your handbag – it’s worth its weight in gold.


Bella Blissett - YOU Magazine Beauty Columnist

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