When Lindsay Lohan recently came in to see me, her hair was auburn. By the time she left, it was light, bright strawberry blonde - a colour that made her English rose complexion pop and her blue eyes stand out. In a few hours, she’d updated her hair colour for summer and in so doing refreshed her whole look. Here are my tips if you’d like to try something a little livelier to shake things up a bit (and the all-important tips to maintain the colour and condition of your hair):



The Blonde: Nothing screams beach babe like warm, bright, multi-dimensional golden colour on sun-kissed skin. The good news is that you can now fake both! If you’re already blonde but want a kick, threads of strategically-placed highlights followed by a pigmented gloss for added polish will pump up the colour.

The Bronde: This shade is still going strong - the sandy hue is perfect for naturally tanned complexions who don't want to go too blonde.

The Brunette: At the moment amping up medium brown with a glossy copper colour is really popular as it adds a striking edge to a more sober shade.

The Redhead: Take your colour more vibrant, injecting your colour with fiery or strawberry-orange.

Top Tricks To Care For Summer Hair:

Add Gloss. The key to gorgeous colour is to keep it super shiny - I love using SHOW Beauty’s Pure Treatment Oil as it wraps it in nourishing goodness, getting rid of all fly always and spiky split ends. Best of all it smells incredible. Use it on damp hair and smooth a touch onto dry hair to tame.

Nourish. Use a deep conditioner twice weekly. Either do a full treatment mask if you have time, or just coat the ends in the shower while you wash. For an extra treat wrap in a warm towel after applying and leave on for up to an hour.

Protect. Brunettes can fade and look dull after a few weeks of being in the sun. I always recommend Sheer Thermal Protect to protect against dryness and colour fade when exposing hair to UVA and UVB rays.

Priya Patel, SHOW Dry Session Stylist