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Summer locks, this way!

Summer is all about going from sea-soaked to sun-drenched, but all that salt, chlorine, sand and sun are not going to help you look like a beach goddess. Here are nine tips on how to have great hair on holiday – and beyond:

Get a good hair cut. Not just for the obvious reason of looking good, but also so that your hair doesn’t accrue so much damage – freshly-trimmed hair is far less likely to split and be damaged by the sun and chlorine. There’s an ancillary benefit: a cut without too much texturizing at the ends will air-dry without frizz.

Go darker than you’d think. If you’re getting highlights before you travel, remember that the sun will ultimately bleach any colour lighter. This lift can make hair look stripy or like a block, so dial it down a notch beforehand. Whatever your colour, use a heat-protectant like Sheer Thermal Protect to reduce damage from the sun’s rays.

Ban hairspray.A spritz at night is fine, but during the day you want to steer clear – under the heat of the sun it’ll coat and bake the hair, and also cause it to tangle. If you need to smooth your hair down, opt for Pure Treatment Oil.

Pre-treat your hair.A good hair mask can work wonders. Before you depart, use one twice a week to get your hair in tip-top condition. Finish the jar when you get back to keep your hair healthy.

Get braiding.They’re bang on trend and oh-so easy to do before heading out for the day, so it’s little wonder the humble braid is the A-lister’s (and our) ‘do of choice on holiday. Once you’ve unbraided it, turn any frizz to tamed waves with a drop of Curl Enhancing Lotion, or just smooth hair into a ponytail and secure with a non-damaging hair tie for the evening.

Cover up.Your hair basically hates your holiday and protecting it physically is the best way to do it. Wear a hat or channel screen sirens and wrap a scarf around your head – this should also reduce your chance of getting a headache as you sunbathe. Win, win!

Double protect extensions.If you are wearing your hair extensions in hot and humid temperatures, you need to care for them a little more. Carry a Tangle Teaser around with you and brush through regularly to avoid matting. Also, use Riche Leave-In Conditioner and never tie up too tight – doing so will stress your scalp.

Pre-wet hair.It may sound odd, but trust us on this one – if your hair is wet before you douse it in seawater or chlorine, it will already have a protective barrier to stop it from absorbing too much of the damage they reap. Rinse a second time in fresh water.

Load up your hair.Use the sun’s heat to your advantage and leave a treatment in your hair all day. The heat from the sun will help it penetrate into the hair shaft leaving you with beautiful luscious locks.



Session Stylist, Priya Patel

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