How to beat 'Tech Neck'

The new anti-ageing focus is from the jawline to the décolletage - and thanks to these 5 power-house treatments, you can now get more taut, tightened and toned skin

Carita Sculpting Gold Perfection Facial

Best for: Instant lift around the cheeks and chin.

How it works: This tech-driven facial deploys micro currents (which are applied with silver-woven gloves), light technology, and ultrasound to stimulate your muscles. You can also do it from home by using the Carita My CLE, an at home LED light gadget with micro currents. Both have cumulative results, but you will notice a real difference after just one session of each.

Where to go: Spa Illuminata

Call: 020 7499 7777

Cost: £160 for 90 minutes and Carita My CLE is £399

Pfeffer Sal Gently Does It Facial

Best for: Post pregnancy sallow, saggy skin

How it works: Billed as the ultimate relaxation treatment, this facial harnesses the power of scientifically-led natural and chemical-free ingredients combined with technology to plump, firm and improve skin texture. It combines live probiotics and epidermal growth factors plus some light therapy for plumper, rejuvenated skin with zero downtime. The live probiotics nourish and rebalance the skin and decrease cell inflammation whilst the epidermal growth factors promote collagen production and deeply hydrate the skin. Make it the last thing you do for the day; it’s so relaxing you’ll want to roll straight into bed.

Where to go: Pfeffer Sal, The Stables, 10 Warren Mews, Fitzrovia, London W1T 6BY

Call: 020 3883 47020

Price: £140

Tixel Treatment

Best for: Reduction in crêpy texture.

How it works: A non-laser skin treatment that uses thermal technology to tighten the skin, improve skin tone, and reduce lines, wrinkles, and the appearance of acne scars. It can also create micro-channels in the skin for active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the dermis. Tixel offers the same results as CO2 lasers, yet only requires topical anaesthetic cream, and comes with shorter downtime and reduced redness. It is usually possible to wear make up after the second day.

Where to go: Dr Judodihardjo and Dr Rajpar work together at Belgravia Dermatology, Wilbraham Place, SW1X 9AE

Call: 020 7112 8622

Price: £400 per treatment for the neck area.

ProMax Lipo

Best for: Double chins and neck/jawline contouring.

How it works: An instant skin-tightener and body-shaper that helps with the dreaded tech-neck - if that’s where you’d like the work. A localised vacuum and laser that helps to break down fat cells to lift. Radio waves penetrate the dermis to create gentle heating of the tissue, resulting in skin tightening instantly, while the addition of the vacuum reduces puffiness. You should see instant results after the first treatment. To build on these results and ensure the affect lasts, eight treatments are recommended every two weeks.

Where to go: The Harley Medical Group

Call: 0800 288 4101

Price: £199 or a course of six is £720

Rodial Rose Gold Facial

Best for: Smoothing out texture and minimising fine lines.

How it works: The facial combines sculpting techniques with gold nanotechnology and potent tightening complexes to counteract the signs of ageing, including sagging and slackness around the jowls. The neck is left feeling tighter and skin looks plumped up.

Where to go: Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge

Call: 020 7235 5000

Price: £50

Face Place Signature Treatment

Best for: Cleansing and lifting.

How it works: Emma Stone, Liv Tyler and Anne Hathaway are just a few of the celebrities clamouring for this facial. Essentially, this is an extreme clean of your skin that will remove all traces of dirt and bacteria. A heat dome is placed over your face and is used in conjunction with the anti bacterial Yukka Root extract solution, which allows the aesthetician to liquefy hardened sebum and perform a thorough extraction using the painless ‘rolling’ technique. The therapist then uses galvanic currents to push a vitamin C and Zinc solution into the skin for a clearer, lifted and more luminous complexion.

Where to go: See Alex Eagle at the Rosewood London


Price: The Signature Treatment costs £140

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