How Craniosacral therapy promotes hair growth

A good way to get blood flowing to the head to promote hair health and growth is by using Craniosacral Therapy: “If you have a bad circulation caused by tension and stress, your blood can become stagnant around the neck area and this can give you headaches, as well as affect the quality of your hair and how fast it grows,” says super-facialist Vaishaly Patel, who performs this technique in her Marylebone clinic.

"The muscles at the back of your head go very tight and this restricts blood flow to the scalp, which is why people get headaches or hair thinning. Once the tension starts to release, the whole system flows with fresh blood, nutrients and oxygen swimming around the entire body.”

So if your hair is becoming limp, lank or lustreless it could be a sign that your mental or physical health is unbalanced - and that Craniosacral Therapy could well be part of the solution. We recommend a monthly treatment but here’s a simple DIY version you can try at home:

Make yourself comfortable and lie down on the bed or sofa. You might end up falling asleep, which is a good sign as you will be mentally and physically relaxed enabling the blood flow to make its way up over the entire head - the brain, muscles, blood vessels and hair follicles.
When we’re stressed and thinking too much, the tension starts from the front of the head and this immediately has a knock-on effect to the back of the neck, so start by releasing the tension on the frontal bone. Place the palm of your hand on your forehead, rest very gently (as much as the weight of a 20p piece).

Next, release the blood flow which is restricted at the back of the head. Rest your other palm just underneath your skull, on your top vertebrae. Don’t press too heavily.

Now close your eyes and, depending on how tense you are, you will either feel the movement of the cranial fluid immediately or it could take up to five minutes. The fluid will move your hand very slightly from left to right and up and down. This will release the tension from the front and the back of the head, relaxing the muscles, releasing blockages and reconnecting the body so everything flows in harmony, stimulating blood flow and in turn creating beautifully bouncy hair.

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Vaishaly Patel - Super-Facialist

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