Hair loss is tricky to tackle: on the one hand, stress will exacerbate the problem, on the other, it often has a negative impact on self-esteem and mood. ‘It's traumatic for a woman to lose her hair, it’s a very emotional subject,’ agrees top trichologist Sara G. Allison, ‘though you should know that if you’re losing your hair at any age, you’re not alone.’ She has a point: as many as one in three women over the age of 25 are affected by hair loss, with a GP survey citing a 64% upsurge in patients visiting to discuss their concerns. The good news is that a multi-pronged approach is often enormously effective. Here, Sara shares some of her top tips on how to treat, prevent and understand hair loss:

Many factors contribute to hair loss. They include sub-optimal nutrition, stress, health issues, hormone imbalances, medication.

Stress-related hair loss will usually be noticeable around three to four months after the period of stress. It will often present itself as excessive shedding and generalised thinning all over. Fortunately, this type of hair loss will correct itself once you have dealt with your stress.

Just as stress can affect anyone, so can stress-related hair loss. That said, it is very common for women to lose their hair around the menopause as this is a time of a lot of stress - fluctuation hormones, the pressures of childcare/elderly parents and career responsibilities can really take their toll.

Some supplements will promote healthy hair growth. Try Hair Today More Tomorrow Multi and Omegas - they offer all the nutrients required to promote healthy hair growth, radiant skin, strong nails and increased energy.

Some lasers can have success. While supplements are likely to have the most profound response, the Hair Max laser gadget has good reports to suggest it can encourage hair growth.

Essential oils can also stimulate hair growth and prevent shedding. Menthol peppermint essential oil is especially good at this. Thyme oil, which is similar to rosemary, is good for an itchy, flaky scalp and will in turn aid healthy growth as it will clear the scalp of scales that inhibit the follicles from working properly. If you’re looking for an all-natural conditioner, try olive oil.

The new technique of Platelet Rich Plasma is very expensive, but appears to have some very effective results. The technique involves withdrawing your own blood, then a trichologist processing it so that only the enriched cells remain before injecting it into your scalp. The Platelet Rich Plasma contains essential proteins that stimulate natural hair growth. If you decide to do this then choose a reputable clinic and I would recommend in addition that you improve the nutrients in your blood prior to the treatment by also taking a good nutritional supplement.

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