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We know. Wearing make-up to workout has long been a major beauty no-no, but if the 1.5 million times #GymSelfie has been used on Instagram is anything to go by, looking your best whilst sweating it out has officially become a thing.

In the same way that wearing lycra from your morning Pilates class straight to brunch has become the new norm, so too has the notion of wearing make-up to exercise. But this trend isn’t about slathering on the products Kim Kardashian-style, it’s more about adding minimal enhancements without clogging pores too much in the process. And with social media adding an element to almost every aspect of our lives, making sure that you look good for that all-important workout selfie has never been more imperative. So whilst breathable foundations or waterproof mascaras aren’t necessarily new concepts in beauty, brands are tapping into the idea that we want to look fresh when getting fit.

See US brand, Sweat Cosmetics’, shine-absorbing and sweat-proof Mineral Foundation that was developed by five Olympic athletes who didn't want to compromise on looking good whilst competing. Or Eyeko’s Sport Waterproof mascara that you could wear for an entire boxercise class and still have it stay in place. Arrow’s Boost Colour Lip Enhancing Balm from Birchbox, is a pH activated lip colour that sits within a roster of athleisure-dedicated products in the range, as are the Lifted Sweatproof Mascara and Blot Party On-The-Go Mattifying Papers in the athleisure kit from Tarte. Mac Cosmetics have also nodded to the trend with their ‘Work It Out’ capsule collection that is all fluro waterproof eye colours that have a bit of an 80s Flashdance sensibility about them.

Wearing make-up to workout: what a feeling.

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