Get your Best Hair, Now!

From injecting your hair with nourishing conditioners, to using clarifying shampoos - here’s how to get your hair in tip-top condition for the party season.

The key to keeping hair in the very best condition throughout the party season lies repairing potential styling damage with deep conditioners that are specially formulated to leave hair feeling soft and smooth without build up. Weekly masking can dramatically change the quality of your hair in about two weeks, so do stick with it. Leave it on for at least 20 minutes or over night so the ingredients can penetrate to replenish moisture and increase strength.

For a brilliant pre-wash moisturising trick lightly dampen hair, rub coconut oil between the palms of your hands and work it through to the ends for several hours – creating a barrier trapping the moisture so it absorbs into the cortex making it more flexible, pliable and bendable. When it comes to washing the hair apply the shampoo to dry hair working it in and then rinsing it off, then give two washes as normal.

This hectic time of often involves busy family life, stressful jobs, late nights, and a richer than usual diet so the scalp could be stressed and oilier than usual or you could develop dandruff. Diet is a major influence so stay away from rich, spicy food and dairy products.

If you choose to experiment with hairstyles stay protected. If heat styling, invest in good irons which maintain a consistent temperature that aren’t too hot so your hair has less repeated contact with heat. Always spraying on a heat protectant prior to styling is crucial. It’s also largely how you use them – go over the hair for the minimum amount of time and do it relatively quickly, not lingering too long on one part of the hair is the best way. It is the repeated usage on one spot that could be causing the damage.

The environmental effects of winter can leave our hair dry and brittle, which may in turn also make it look thinner with less volume. Talk to your hairdresser and switch up styles that will help your hair look fuller.

Ask your colourist to mix a bond rebuilder with your colour to protect your hair as it processes and wait for at least eight weeks for root touch ups so you aren’t overlapping with the previous process causing breakage.
Go for 2cm trims every eight weeks to keep split ends and breakage from travelling up the hair shaft. A lob cut to the shoulders is the coolest look of the season.

If you feel a build up of styling product before you wash your hair then use a clarifying shampoo. Once a month work it into the hair and then rinse it off, finishing with two regular shampoos.

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