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► Get the Look : Two Day Hair Refresh

Ask any hairdresser and they’ll tell you there is no reason to wash your hair every day. Not only does it cut into your morning routine is also strips away natural oils, leaving the scalp drier and dehydrated, and the strands lustreless and dry. It’s also a colour fader. Weaning yourself off the daily wash routine doesn’t have to mean suffering weeks of greasy hair. Here are some revolutionary tips and products to refresh your locks – no water required! If you find that the powdery finish of traditional dry shampoos never quite manages to clean up greasy roots, SHOW Beauty Premiere Dry Shampoo will prove a revelation. Take your typical two-day hair texture to new heights by pumping up oily roots holding the bottle at arms length. Then massage in with your fingertips or a comb.

Top Tip: Apply it before bedtime to let the powder absorb the impurities over the night so you wake up with soft, oil-free hair. Comb through to neaten it up. Next, smooth the multi-functional Pure Treatment Oil down the hair strands to soften crispy lengths and add shine. Twist the product into the hair so the benefits are pushed into the hair cuticles. Daily shampooers may be addicted to the scent of freshly washed locks, but overdoing it in the shower can strip your scalp of natural oils which, in turn, kicks your sebaceous glands into overdrive. This combined with environmental stenches, and the result is hair that may look clean but smells anything but. Dispel unwanted odours with a spritz of sweet-smelling Decadence Hair Fragrance - it not only smells great – think Creme Brûlée, Coconut, Rosewater, Caramel, Patchouli, Madagascan Vanilla and White Musk – it is also enriched with anti-oxidants, UV protection and conditioning ingredients to maintain moisture, minimise static and enhance shine.

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