FAQs #4: I've just come back from holiday and my hair is damaged from the sun and chlorine, what should I do?

We all know the rules: hair that’s being exposed to the sun and sea needs to be protected with a UV shield and treated to rich conditioners. Hands up if you’re guilty of casting that advice aside when you hit the beach in the pursuit of sun-lightened locks? Thought so. The problem with those covetable beach highlights is that, come September, they mean dry, crispy, damaged, dull hair in need of rescuing. That’s where these 9 tips come in:

TIP 1:Have a trim to take off the damaged ends. If splits are left for too long, they continue to work up the shaft, worsening the situation.

TIP 2:If your hair has been hammered by the sun, get in the habit of applying a mask on a bi-weekly basis. Try the SHOW Beauty Sublime Repair Treatment Mask to breathe life - and shine - back into your hair, ideally leaving it on for 20+ minutes.

TIP 3:If newly-accrued highlights look a little brash or battered, try having an All Over Gloss (available at SHOW Dry Notting Hill & Wimbledon), which is designed to revive colour and add shine.

TIP 4:UV rays damage the protein structure, making it weaker and resulting in dry, brittle hair. To undo this, supercharge your SHOW Beauty Pure Moisture Conditioner with a few drops of the Pure Treatment Oil. The Argan and Jojoba oils will really go to work at strengthening and hydrating, especially if you wrap your hair in a towel for 15 minutes to slightly warm the hair while it’s on. To prevent UV damage, know that the SHOW Beauty Hair Styling & Finishing Collection is UV Protective.

TIP 5:Chlorine can strip hair of natural oils leaving it dry, so make sure you use a conditioner and a nourishing oil on damp hair to pack in the hydration. Use SHOW Beauty Pure Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner and then follow with Pure Treatment Oil to restore silkiness and moisture.

TIP 6:If your hair has developed a green tint (a common problem among highlighted blondes), you’ll have to head to the salon for a toner treatment. At SHOW Dry Notting Hill & Wimbledon, a golden toner is applied to deliver a new lease of life to honeyed locks, while a silvery toner is applied to neutralise brassiness and up shine in cooler colours.

TIP 7:If you didn’t swap the position of your parting throughout the day you may also be suffering with a burnt, flaky scalp. A few drops of SHOW Beauty Pure Treatment Oil calms and soothes the scalp. Apply directly to the affected area.

TIP 8:The last thing you want to do with dry, broken hair is use a heated tool. If you simply can’t do without some movement in your hair, try twisting your hair into a loose bun when it’s damp. Once dry, let it down, spritzing Working Texture Spray through the ends before raking through with fingers to break up the waves.

TIP 9:Post-holiday hair gets tangled easily due to the raised cuticles. Brushing through knots can break the hair, so make sure you use a brush with flexible plastic prongs like the Tangle Teezer.

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