The proliferation of natural curls has been the main trend of 2016 so far, though figuring out how to style them isn’t necessarily easy: which products are best for a TWA (teeny-weeny Afro)? Why doesn’t dry hair lock in moisture? Which tools work? Here are the things you need to know…

Let’s start with washing. Before you hop in the shower, apply some Pure Treatment Oil to your locks - this lightweight oil feels similar to a leave-in conditioner but without any crunch and will help combat drying and tangling post shampooing.

Only rinse around 85% of your SHOW Beauty Conditioner out. Once you’ve done this, put your hair in two or three strand braids - this way you can let your hair air-dry without getting frizzy. If you’re really battling the frizz, try smoothing a walnut-sized dollop of Couture Curl Cream Enhancing Cream through your hair. Add more throughout the day as needed.

Speed along the drying process. Try an Aquis Hair Towel - they’re extremely absorbent so will towel dry without any of the associated frizz. Just wrap it around your head after showering and your hair will be 70% dry by the time you’ve done your make-up.

Prep, prep, prep. Those really fragile bits of your hair thanks to styling, pollution and even friction from clothing need extra help before styling - spray some Sheer Thermal Protect in them and while you’re at it, use a little on the border where relaxed hair and new growth meet if you’re making the transition to strengthen this weak zone. If it’s volume you’re after, try Lux Volume Mousse. And don’t be put off by the word volume - this will dry quickly to give you soft, yet gently textured bounce.

If you do want to go silky straight use the ‘comb-chase’ method. Super-blogger Patricia Bright uses the following trick to get her hair super-straight with a mega watt sheen: Brush your hair through making kinks and waves as flat as possible. Smooth a hair serum through from roots to ends, then using a thin-toothed comb and hair straighteners together smooth slowly down the hair shaft in one accord and this leaves the silkiest smooth finish.

Style it out. Want extensions? Pop into SHOW Dry - we can add quality coily hair or spiral curls. If you’re working with what you have naturally, tools we love for Afro-Caribbean hair are: Kent combs, waterspray bottles, Whitney hair wands and the L’Oreal Professionnel Steampod.