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FAQ: Thick Hair & Layers?

FAQ: My hair’s so thick and falls like curtains over my face. Do you think I should try layers?

Nineties layers are back - and for good reason! No matter what length, they can lighten up thick hair or give volume and movement to finer locks. Sections framing the face can also add a sparkle to eyes and lift the cheekbones. In short: layers are the coolest style of the year - whether it’s an unfussy shag or long, swishy ends.

Layers can be tricky though, so follow these dos and don’ts to cutting them in and styling them:


• It’s important there is lots of movement which means keeping some weight particularly at the ends. You don’t want to chop shorter lengths on the top layers as these could frizz up and the underneath sections could end up being wispy.

• Get layers cut into the front section to framing the face. The longer the face the more you can get away with shorter layers.

• Go for a more relaxed, unstructured style that will air-dry softly for a lived in look. This isn’t about a graphic look.



• Chop the length. This is a gradual thing. Get the invisible layers cut in first and see if you still want to go shorter after a few weeks.

• Take too much weight out of the bottom of the hair or it could become wispy.

• Don’t chop noticeable layers, keep them long and invisible - your hairstylist should cut into the hair without them being too conspicuous.



The best way to style layered hair is to work with your own natural texture and let it do its thing. To keep frizz at bay, wash hair with a nourishing shampoo and conditioner like SHOW Beauty Pure Moisture range, then smooth through a frizz-smoothing serum or oil like Treatment Oil. Then either let your hair air-dry or go to bed in three plaits.

For more of a polished finish, blast-dry hair, then use curling tongs to loosely wave the lengths. The style needs to have kinks and movement but not curl, so if they spring up too much, pull out the curl with flat irons. Finish by tucking the hair behind your ears or wear your sunglasses to push your hair back to get the flattering kinks framing your face, widening your cheekbones.

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