FAQ #8 : What can I do about my split ends and how can I prevent new ones from forming?

This beauty woe can be responsible for taking a curtain of swishy hair and making it appear frayed, feathered and wispy in what feels like just a few weeks post-trim. Luckily, there are ways to extend the health of your ends. Experts recommend working out the type of split you are prone to first (if you are addicted to fiddling with your ends you’ll have a head start), and then finding the cause and the solution.

When one strand splits into two. You’re looking the first sign of of damage to the ends, meaning that your hair needs a good dose of nourishment and hydration before it starts snapping elsewhere. There is hope as it still has strength and weight at the ends so wispiness won’t be a problem – yet. Start with a deep hair conditioner like SHOW Beauty Pure Moisture Treatment Mask, wrap your hair in a towel and steam in the bath for a good 20 minutes for an intense hydration treatment.

When the tip splits into three.This is usually the result of even more damage and moisture-loss potentially from frying the ends with heated appliances. When you get to this stage you need a teeny trim - literally half an inch will take those ends off for good. Reserve heated appliances for important days and holidays if you're prone to this type of split, and always use a heat protecting spray like Sheer Thermal Protect through the ends as well as the lengths. For a short term fix Riche Grooming Balm tweaked through the ends with your fingers will reduce the wispiness.

When the hair shaft starts branching out.You’re in trouble; your hair will continue to snap higher up the shaft meaning more damage to the lengths and the need for a more substantial trim. Go and have a good chop and ease off having your hair chemically straightened or coloured.

When only the inner core is left.The cuticles and the outside shaft have been stripped away by over-processing. Again: trimming off a decent portion of hair will solve this one.

Tiny bends in the hair.These will create weakness in the hair and, once pulled, the hair snaps. A nourishing oil like Pure Treatment Oil will make hair less brittle, so if you feel like you are prone to this type of damage it’s worth twisting oil into the ends daily.

Things to watch out for when it comes to split ends:

DON’Tuse a brush when your hair is wet as it is weaker and the stress of pulling a brush through it will make the hairs snap more easily. Gently comb hair starting from the ends and moving up the hair shaft so you are not forcefully brushing through knotty, tangled lengths.

DON’Ttuck hair into your coat or scarf. The friction will create breakage mid-length.

DO use a wide-toothed comb and a serum on damp hair if your hair is curly. It will be considerably weaker at the bends and the hair will snap and fray if there are any knots, so remember to proceed gently.

DO use more oil treatments and serums on layered hair. Split layers can turn hair into a frizzy ball so this hairstyle needs as much nourishment and protection as possible.

DO get a trim regularly - if you are prone to getting split ends the only way to truly banish them is by snipping them off.

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