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FAQ #7 My hair is so flat and lifeless after the festive season. How can I put the life back into it?

Hair can suffer from severe lack of oomph this time of year – freezing winds, colour-top ups, that straightening addiction over the party season and over-zealous up-dos coupled with constant central heating blazing in the background: it’s little wonder hair looks and feels flat, limp, dry and brittle. So how to inject bounce and brilliance back into hair? These tips are the hair alternative to a shot of Espresso…

Re-energise your scalp.Improve blood circulation with a 10-minute stimulating head massage. Use the tips of your fingers to gently rub in circular movements from the hairline to the nape of your neck.

Use a moisturising shampoo.If your hair’s feeling dehydrated you might have been washing your hair too often over the festive season - dial back the frequency to twice or three times a week to let your scalp’s natural oils nourish the lengths and ends naturally. Don’t be tempted to shower with super hot water either as this will open up the cuticles leaving hair looking frizzy and feeling dry.

For chronically dry hair, use a hydrating mask.Winter can zap hair of moisture so nurse dry, frizzy follicles with SHOW Beauty Pure Moisture Treatment Mask. The ingredients in this creamy treatment get right inside the cuticles to nourish and restore dry and brittle hair. Leave on for as long as you can - even overnight – before rinsing and styling as usual.

Keep friction minimal. Your cuticles will already be roughed up because of the winter weather, so give them a helping hand and avoid towel drying your hair, don’t brush when wet, and be careful when wearing wooly hats and scarves as they can rob the hair of moisture causing it to snap around the neck area.

Create a thermal shield.For those of you who are addicted to your tongs and straighteners, Sheer Thermal Protect is essential to protect the delicate hair shaft as intense heat can suck the moisture from your hair leaving it flat, dull and lacklustre.

Replenish protein and oil in your diet.Choosing the right breakfast can give your hair a helping hand; following a good sleep, energy levels at the hair follicles are at their lowest and need to be boosted. Because hair is comprised mainly of protein, a protein-rich breakfast is essential - go for eggs and, if possible, add a lean meat like turkey or chicken breast. Oils found in fish like salmon, avocados and eggs will also help ramp up the shine and strengthen strands.

Use dry shampoo and hair oil.If it’s volume you’re after blast Premiere Dry Shampoo through the roots and lengths – the result is light, extremely soft and smooth hair with less frizz and more body. If your hair is crying out for more shine apply a few drops of Pure Treatment Oil before you blow-dry and this will help lock in moisture and flatten cuticles for a smooth surface.

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