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FAQ #7: I want a fringe but I’m not sure which one will suit my face shape. Help!

Fringes are the rock ’n’ roll haircut of choice and the go-to hairstyle for celebs looking for a cool edge. And of course they hide a multitude of sins – wrinkles, acne, unkempt brows… the list goes on. Can anyone wear a fringe? Absolutely - but you need to consider your face shape first to get the right one to enhance your cheekbones and make your eyes glitter. Ask your stylist for guidance, though the below offers a general guide to give you some ideas…

The most flattering, entry-level fringe is the soft, flirty lash-level one that speaks of mystery and playfulness. If you have a round face, however, you might want to try a long, side-sweeping fringe to downplay broadness. Also, try a fringe that hits just above brows to add length to features and enhance lips. Don’t opt for a blunt fringe that cuts your forehead in two - that will only widen the appearance of cheeks further. For sex appeal, chop a heavy fringe that falls just below the eyebrows - if you go too short you’ll loose the sexy, undone effect. For a proper rocker look that appears to hang in front of your eyes without impeding your ability to see, go for an M-shaped fringe - a great hairdresser will make it appear straight.

Whichever you go for, using the right product is key as fringes look sexy and cool when they don’t appear to be a single block and are and soft, not stiff or greasy. As a rule of thumb, don’t use too much product, and to smooth out cowlicks or curls, angle your hairdryer down onto your fringe from above while brushing from side-to-side across the forehead to make any bumps lie flat. Add a dash of SHOW Beauty Pure Treatment Oil to give a light, glossy sheen, Premiere Working Texture Spray for anti-humidity protection to keep frizziness at bay, Lux Volume Mousse to refresh and add bounce to a flat fringe, and whip out Riche Grooming Balm to tame fly-aways.

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