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FAQ #12: What product can I speedily use on wet hair so I can get to work on time?

Leaving hair to air-dry is one of the expounded joys of summertime. But - and it’s a big but - hair needs a bit of help to get that laid-back, ‘your usual style but more relaxed’ thing. The trick to it is more often than not in softening hair, so here’s how to customise SHOW Beauty Leave In Conditioner to get the look you want…

Work with your natural texture.Start off by ditching the heated appliances and not fighting against the hair you were born with. If you don’t know what your natural texture is wash and leave to dry naturally.

Reducing frizz - but amping up texture - is key. Smoothing SHOW Beauty Leave-In Conditioner through the tops and ends of freshly-washed hair will help to keep it smooth and super soft and shiny, but won’t weigh it down.

Tailor your up do.Tying your hair up into a style for your morning commute and then letting it down when you get to your desk is a great way to take your texture up a notch, but you need to be strategic. For bohemian waves, give yourself two french plaits (the tighter the plaits the sharper the kinks). For looser waves and a silky finish, go for one French plait. For more body and bounce, try twisting hair up into a high bun. If you want your natural hair texture, leave your hair down and tuck it behind your ears/push your sunglasses back on top of your head. This will leave a flattering kink and widen your face for instant cheekbones.

Use it to freshen up.Mist SHOW Beauty Leave-In Conditioner through lengths at the end of the day for speedy softness and shine.

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