Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Fillers

The king of needle procedures, Dr. Jules Nabet, spills all…

Back in the day, the options for rejuvenating a tired face amounted to the face lift. Now, fillers offer a quicker, less drastic approach that can be used to myriad effect from smoothing out frown marks to giving a lift to cheeks, plumping lips and nixing the marionette lines that form around the mouth. Unfortunately, fillers haven’t got the best reputation thanks to the lack of regulation to govern injectables that allows some unqualified aestheticians to wield a needle, though find the right practitioner and the right method, and the effects can be excellent. Here, Dr. Jules Nabet helps you navigate your way…

Q: Which filler is best?

A: There are tonnes on the market, though most don’t take into account the dynamism of the face, i.e. the expressions and daily movements that contribute to character. For this reason, I like to recommend Teosyal RHA as it is hyaluronic acid-based and won’t tamper with movement - and you can’t feel it when in. The ancillary benefit of hyaluronic acid is that it has a synergy with the skin as it’s naturally found inside the body. As it’s biodegradable, when it’s metabolised, it’ll completely disappear from the body so if you didn’t like it or the fillers had gone wrong, it’s a good option. The newest tool is the Swiss-made Fillerpen, which is about 50 per cent less painful than normal cosmetic injections and delivers accurate, precise droplets of filler, so is great for treating the delicate tear-trough and lip area.

Q: What should happen in the consultation?

A: You’ll start by filling in an extensive form, and issues, wants and concerns will be explained. It’s important to be be open about what you expect to achieve and to ask questions, as well as getting testimonials and videos or pictures of the treatment so you know what to expect. The doctor should check how animated your face is when you talk - the more you talk the more your doctor gets to know your face, so don’t let nerves get the better of you! Experienced doctors should be honest with patients about their expectations and should be very quick - twenty minutes is sufficient.

Q: Can you shed some light on lip fillers?

A: Lip filler is a minimally invasive way to add volume to your lips as well as soften vertical lip lines and wrinkles you may have around the lip area. A hyaluronic acid-based filler is the only lip filler you should consider as this is the most natural - and it’s temporary, lasting about nine to twelve months. After the injection, your lips will be swollen but this should reduce after a few hours and after 24 hours, you’ll see the full effects. It is very important to go to a reputable and well-known doctor as if done well lip fillers can be effective and subtle, but if done badly the results are awful. You need to choose a doctor who has many years of experience and a “less is more” philosophy.

Q: Should I expect it to be painful?

A: Unlike other treatments, when the Fillerpen is used numbing cream isn’t applied before injecting, though you shouldn’t be in pain per se. In the syringe, there’s a dose of painkiller lidocaine mixed into the filler, which will start to work as soon as it’s in the skin.

Q: Do I need to book time off work?

A: Not necessarily - by the next morning, any minor swelling or slight bruising that was there the day before should have completely disappeared along with any little lumps marking the areas.

Q: What else do I need to know?

A: Though results are instant, multiple sessions might be needed to achieve the desired effect in which case be realistic - there is no such thing as a quick fix. Results can last up to 18 months. Your doctor will provide detailed aftercare advice and all patients should be offered a check-up appointment.

Q: So how do I find a good doctor?

A: Do your research, check medical qualifications to make sure they are reputable and talk to other patients and ask to see before and after photographs of their work. It’s best to go with someone who leans on the side of subtle. Look at the price, too - practitioners with expertise and good quality products cost money - so don't feel pressurised and beware of cheap offers - a beautician hasn’t had the training a cosmetic doctor has. You can find a list of registered practitioners in your area on The British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM) website.

TEL: 020 7938 2195

PRICE: Consultation, free; fillers, from £300.

WEBSITE: www.julesnabet.com

Dr. Jules Nabet

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