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Everything you need to know about hair extensions

Consider ill-fitting clip-ins, poor colour matches or fake-looking hair hanging like straggly curtains to be a thing of the past; quality hair extensions can truly fake long, luscious locks to achieve the best version of your hair. 

SHOW Beauty’s Hair Lingerie is designed to blend them into the hair expertly in 60 minutes and keep them perfected for months afterwards. To help you in your quest for thicker or lengthier locks, Amber Parsons Extensions Specialist at NottingHill SHOW Dry, gives us some key hair extension tips: 


Q. Which type of extensions are the best?

A. We use 100% human hair and we adapt and colour match them to everyone’s natural hair type and tone. They work well if you want fuller or thicker hair and we can cut the tapes into smaller sections to suit all hair textures and thicknesses. We use extensions that are kind to the natural hair and the extensions are guaranteed to last up to a year, but the client is invited to come back every six to eight weeks for a refit (but if you go to the gym you need to go in sooner as any exercise, sweat and water will break down the solution). 


Q. What if I want to wear my hair up? 

A. Extensions should be applied differently on everyone, depending on their needs. If it’s for fashion people we put them in ways so they can wear their hair up.  A certified extension expert will be able to determine which application is best suited to you on consultation.


Q. Can I change my colour with hair extensions? 

A. We can certainly put extensions in to tweak colour, and we get a lot of people with dark hair who want a lift but don’t want to dye their hair so we put a root on the extensions and then blonde ends so they get a highlighted effect. 


Q. Will they damage my natural hair?

A. There’s often a common perception that hair extensions will damage your natural hair, but expert application and the correct maintenance ensures that your natural hair is not damaged or compromised. The tape is placed right at the root at the hair, not touching the scalp, and then the other panel underneath, so you don’t get any pull or breakage as you would with bonded hair extensions. It is also applied to a wider section of the hair so it’s a lot more hair to hold onto, reducing pull on individual hairs. 


Q. Can I use normal products on my extensions?

A. You have to use sulphate- and paraben-free products. You can use the same styling products as usual, so a heat protector, mousses to style, and oils to nourish the hair every day from mid-lengths to ends are all fine. Don’t put conditioner or styling oil near the root area in case they slip out, and don’t comb them at all when wet. To reduce damage, blast your hair up to 90% dry and then blow-dry it properly, using only a Tangle Teezer or paddle brush to unknot. They will stand two blowdries a week. 


Q. Can hair extensions be coloured?

A. They can be coloured, but only to tone colours down - but with darker hair you would never lift it to a bright blonde. No colour should be applied to bonds or tapes as this can affect the longevity of the extension. It’s important to remember that just like natural hair, the quality of the hair extensions can decline following a colouring process due to the chemicals used.  


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