Energise Me!

8 power tips from health and beauty expert

If working hard and playing even harder has taken its toll over the festive season, you could be fighting fatigue. If you’re on the brink of exhaustion, try making like Christiane Duigan from Notting Hill gym Bodyism, who has this month shared her tricks on energising herself everyday to meet the demands of her busy career and two children.

1. Fill up on protein everyday.I can’t function without something in my tummy so before I tend to the children I have a shot of Bodyism Beauty Food everyday - it’s a vegan protein shake with green super foods, marine collagen and MSM. Its great to keep my joints feeling supple and is alkalising for my body. Two hours later, I get to work and have my full breakfast. I make sure I have protein every morning so will often have two soft boiled eggs on a paleo or gluten-free toast with an avocado.

2. Supplements are so important.Ideally, we would get everything we needed from food, but the way food is grown and produced now means that we simply can’t. Vitamin C, iron, magnesium, B vitamins all help to harness energy. A good multi-vitamin can provide them all, but I’d also recommend taking a good quality Omega 3 separately as our body doesn’t produce essential fatty acids. Taking any more than that gets a bit obsessive so I think that suffices.

3. Fragrances can give an uplifting boost throughout the day.They act as an instant olfactory pick-me-up. I love the Neom organic scents - particularly the Mood Lifting Mist.

4. Moderate exercise everyday is necessary to maintain energy.It’s all about finding something you love doing. I love classical ballet so try to do that every week alongside my other exercise session (usually dance to cheesy pop music). If you’re feeling stressed, try walking outdoors - it is associated with mental wellbeing.

5. Listening to pop music gives me energy.I listen to it during my dance class and it powers me up. Classical music brings a sense of peace, and when you come from a place of peace everything is a bit more uplifted.

6. Practise moving meditation.I’ve been reading a book called Buddism For Mothers - I don’t sit down and meditate and ‘Om’ - this is a moving meditation, which is all about being present and not thinking about the past or future. How does the wind feel through my hair? How does the sun feel on my face? It’s about not making a judgement on it, bringing your thoughts back to being present at that moment and putting you in a place of peace rather than making judgements that zaps you of energy.

5. Invest in new health gadgets.Dot sun lamps around your home: your body needs vitamin D to help keep energy levels up. Set them to mimic the natural light throughout the day so your body is in sync with the light outside. An air purification system is a good idea too when you live in a polluted city so every breath you take is cleansing you on a cellular level.

8. Staying hydrated combats low energy.Drinking bottled water throughout the day helps the absorption of nutrients and makes the blood travel around the body more easily. If I’m feeling a bit of a slump in the afternoon I’ll fill up on water and usually feel more energised almost immediately.

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