Crystals, the hot new beauty ingredient must-have

If you're a SHOW Beauty client, no doubt you're already an avid fan of luxury and exquisite ingredients in your beauty & haircare products. So have you heard that crystals are the hot new beauty ingredient in skincare that can make you a whole lot happier and healthier…

It’s the second time around for me and crystals. Back in 1990, I was a fan, embracing the trend for crystal jewellery along with all-white clothing and spiritual slogan tees. Everyone was looking for a little meaning in life after the excess of the 80s, and the three spoke to the disaffected generation.

Many dismissed - and continue to dismiss - the trend as new age, though crystals are inherently powerful, with proof positive lying in the fact that solar cells and computer microchips harness their energy. Now, the skincare industry is experiencing a resurgence of crystal-infused products, with brands embracing gemstones such as rose quartz, amethyst and tourmaline for their energetic properties and micronutrients in the belief that they can have a positive effect on the skin and psyche. They are now seen as integral to a holistic approach to health and beauty. Intrigued? Read on to find out which could work for you.

Detox:Burberry make-up artist Wendy Rowe is into ‘high-vibrational water’, sipping quartz crystal-infused H20 backstage as it’s believed to be better at hydrating and detoxifying.

Skin Nourishing:
Prismologie’s Rose Quartz & Rose Body Balm nourishes deeply while also conferring a pretty, rosy sheen on the skin.

Calm:Sjal infuse their serums with gems and perform their facials on a (very comfortable) bed of amethyst for its meditative and calming properties.

Heal:Aveda have used the healing properties of tourmaline in its Tourmaline Charged Hydrating Cream.

Support:Gemology Delice de Peridot Face Oil contains the green magnesium-rich crystal peridot to help the heart chakra and balance while stimulating the skin’s cellular energy.

It’s not just how crystals are capable of making us feel but what they look like that is finding an outlet via beauty, too, with everything from fragrance (Stella by Stella McCartney comes in an amethyst-inspired flacon), skincare (Cle de Peau’s La Serum bottle is distinctly ruby-like), and haircare (the multi-faceted bottles in the SHOW Beauty range are crystalline) taking their cue from crystals.

Personally, I’ll be sticking with crystals this time round and hope you’ll join me - at a time when we’re seeking solace from an overwhelmingly digital world, the sparkle and wonder of crystals seems to strike just the right note.

Fact! How crystals work

Thanks to their specific mineral content and high-frequency energetic properties certain crystals are said to have balancing and healing properties. The vibration of the cells in your body is said to balance and line up with the cells in the crystal when held closely. They can also be held at a certain point on the body to heal that specific area.



Anna-Marie Solowij

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