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Cool Crops

From dramatic crops and 60s pixi shags, to boy cuts, bowls and bobs, an ultra-short length has become the look that supermodel’s have been trading in their long locks for. These cool, short hairstyles will have you seriously contemplating the chop.


One of the things we like most about the ‘teeny-weeny’ afro is that when curls are cut short, they create a seriously cool shape. We love the tight back and sides with a touch more volume on top.

SUITS YOU… If your aim is to exude sex appeal. This look shows off the entire face and is one of the boldest cuts of confidence a woman can have; there is absolutely no hiding behind this style.


This is the most androgynous and an irrefutably sensual style. Add interest to a boyish, side-parted style with soft texture, volume and clever colour. If the cut is done correctly, all you’ll need to do is dry your hair with a hairdryer and your fingers and finish with a little Show Beauty Grooming Balm to hold.

SUITS YOU…if want a boyish cut to perfectly balance traditionally pretty features like almond-shaped eyes or an oval, slim, heart-shaped face - think ‘Twiggy’, who was very slim, and whose short hair cut enhanced her petite facial features.


An ultra-short geometric bob like this one makes a brave statement while maintaining a traditionally feminine aesthetic - and the strong geometric shape is captivating and precise but also fuss-free so is ideal if you don’t love the idea of lots of styling.

SUITS YOU…if you want to expose the most delicate parts of your face - cheekbones, eyes, and back of the neck. This is a bowl cut with a strong shape that’s cut in strategic places to accentuate features. If you have a wider face with high cheekbones, you can cut the fringe wider. Equally, the fringe is youthful when cut short, but the longer the face, the longer the fringe should be for the most flattering finish.


This is choppy but without being fussy and is a great style if you love looking put-together quickly while still looking a little sexily dishevelled thanks to the perfect balance between precise layers and texture at the ends. Style this one with mousse to create a light, voluminous and breezy texture.

SUITS YOU…if you want a fast style – it’s a great ‘wash-and-go’ look that can be achieved in the shower right after conditioning. It’s also great for someone growing their hair out, but wanting it to still look like a proper style. Finally, this length is perfect for enhancing a jawline while being brushed back lifts the face.


Just when we thought we couldn’t love short, shaggy hair more, this gem popped up at this season’s La Perla show. We love how beautiful and instantly transformative this no fuss cut with a chin-length bob and loads of texture is.

SUITS YOU…if you have a fuller face - but it’s not restricted to one face type as the shag looks amazing with texture and can be worn at different lengths to complement everyone across the board. For styling, we recommend using Working Texture Spray which will give hair a beautiful salt-air look. Spray it in and dry with a diffuser scrunching it here or there for added texture.

Images from info@imaxtree.com

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