April Showers Hair Tricks

Because getting caught in the rain doesn’t have to mean a bad hair day. We’ve got you covered.

Go with the Flow. If you get to your desk and your hair is soaking wet, go with it. Work several handfuls of SHOW Beauty Lux Volume Mousse into hair from roots-to-ends for a (purposefully) separated texture that doesn’t look too polished or flat. Then create shape use a wide-toothed comb to smooth back the front section, push forward to create a quiff and clip into place. Finish by gathering hair at the nape of the neck and securing into a low ponytail.

Soften Up.If your hair is damp but there’s no time to style again, warm some Pure Treatment Oil in your palms and squeeze through the lengths and ends, leaving it to dry naturally for a soft, silky finish. The slicked-back look is killer – add more oil as its drying for a more polished finish.

Tidy Up.The tiniest amount of moisture will make hair frizz, so clean up fly-aways by warming a pea-sized amount of Riche Grooming Balm in the palms of your hands and using your fingers to flatten out wisps. Alternatively, mist a hairbrush with hairspray and gently smooth over the hair framing your face.

Time for a Topknot.Can’t tame the fly-aways? Opt for a bun on top of your head. Create a clean centre or side-parting, spray through Premiere Working Texture Spray, scrunch the mid-lengths and ends, leave to air-dry, then twist into a top knot.

Weather-Proof your Hair.A slick style is the perfect wet weather style as it’s less likely to transform into bad hair. Try a sleek ballerina bun or tight plaits to keep the frizz under control. Use Riche Grooming Balm instead of a hairspray so it reactivates when damp, then use your fingers to tidy up if you need to after going out in a shower.

Boost your Roots.The biggest problem you have is flatness. If you have time to let hair air-dry simply add volume to your roots with a blast of Premiere Dry Shampoo.

Half-up Saviour.When you've spent 30 minutes in the morning perfecting a blow-dry and been out in the rain the underneath sections of your hair should be dry, so simply gather the top section and tie it into a mini ponytail or bun leaving the bottom blow-dried section to flow free.

Wear a Headscarf. If you know your blow-dry will triple in size during wet weather, wear your hair in a scarf or fashion a hair turban, then remove when you are in the dry and give your hair a shake.

Dry Properly.If you struggle with frizz and unruly hair, you need to make sure every strand is bone dry before you step outside, or the hair will swell up even more with added moisture.

Lock Wet Out. Even if you don’t normally straighten your hair, it’s a good idea to get the flat irons out now. The trick is to apply a hair serum or Pure Treatment Oil to coat the hair shaft then lock it in with heat to stop the cuticles rising.

Curl Time.If you know your hair is going to coil up in the rain, curl and define your waves first. The dampness will only enhance the style.

Choose a Wide Tooth Comb.When your hair is wet, stay away from your usual hair brush and opt for a wide-tooth comb or Tangle Teezer instead. Using a fine-toothed comb or bristle brush will cause breakage to your hair.

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