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5 Super-Speedy Christmas Hairstyles for Mid-Length Hair

A bun that can be executed when wet, the ponytail that doesn’t require a blow-dry and a look that is pulled together by a fun ‘80s hair accessory… and all easily styled in less than five minutes. These are the hair tricks you really need to know about this festive season.



To get the precision you need for this party style, start with freshly-washed and conditioned hair and apply shine-enhancing Riche Grooming Balm through your roots, combing through to the ends when the hair is damp. Scrape hair into a ponytail at the back of your head and add Pure Treatment Oil to the lengths and ends of the ponytail. Finish by securing with a hair tie, twisting and pinning the lengths into a neat knot. For a true wet-look style, be sure to use a generous amount of your balm and oil, or you may risk it looking unintentionally greasy. 



This look is perfect on second day hair, but if you are starting with freshly-washed locks, use a golf-ball-sized amount of Lux Volume Mousse at the roots for oomph, then blast dry with your head tipped upside down. This is such a simple look but the texture is everything so make sure you take yours up a notch by misting with Working Texture Spray through the lengths and then blasting Dry Shampoo through the roots before you tease the section lightly at the crown. Once you’ve done that, rake your fingers through your hair gathering into a low ponytail, leaving out face-framing pieces, and, once secured with a band, pull out the teased section at the crown for a bit of flattering, 60s height. For a more mussed-up look, pull a few more tendrils from the band before you add the last bit of texturising spray.



This style, seen at Prabal Gurung, calls on the 80s hair accessory trend that is everywhere this winter. To get the look, start by straightening hair carefully with flat irons (even if your hair is naturally straight), prepping it first with Thermal Protect, then finish with Pure Treatment Oil. Brush the hair into a super slick bun at the back of the head that’s level with the tops of your ears and pin to secure. Push the headband through the front of your hair to right behind your ears for the perfect position and smooth some Riche Grooming Balm through for a perfectly neat bun.



To get the Bora Asku look, spritz Working Texture Spray from mid-lengths to ends when hair is damp, then blow-dry your hair with a round brush. Secure into a loose low ponytail using your brush for ultimate smoothness. Wrap a thin piece of black ribbon around the ponytail base to elevate the look, but ditch the bow and just let the ends hang loose. Finish with Premiere Finishing Spray applied to the lengths of the ponytail to keep the body, and slick a little bit of Grooming Balm through the roots for a shinier, sleeker look. 



This look at Sergeenko is great after a fresh blowout or on second day hair. To get the airy texture, start by blasting Dry Shampoo through dry hair. Next, generously mist Working Texture Spray through the lengths for a soft, matte finish and hair with hold. Gather at the nape of your neck, and pull it into a loose ponytail. Divide your pony into two tails. Twist one tail, tucking the ends under and pinning above and below the base, and repeat on the other side using as many hair pins as needed. Finish with more texture spray around the hairline. 

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