Backstage at Albino, this model wore her small Afro in a series of mini twisted curls. This particular style means strands are shaved, leaving a small amount of hair left on the head, but even though this style is super-short, you can still play around with the colour and texture. To add shine and definition, warm SHOW Beauty Grooming Balm in the palms of your hands and smooth over your head.



The ‘70s Afro is a fun statement style that looks great on thick hair, so you don't need to have a specific type of curl to achieve this bold look. That said, you’ll need a sharp silhouette so finding a stylist with a great cutting technique is essential, especially because curls change and shrink when they are wet, so someone in the know will cut it dry to get the right shape. To style, smooth through Curl Enhancing Lotion with your fingers and dry with a diffuser.





If you don’t have chemically straightened hair (a process which can cause damage and breakage), straightening it to this sleek finish, as seen on this model at the Off White show, is tricky, and it could take a little while to nail the technique. Start by adding in nourishing products like Leave-In Conditioner before applying heat. A heat protection spray is also always a great idea, so mist through Thermal Protect. Before you go anywhere near your hair with the straighteners, make sure it’s thoroughly dry and that some of the work is already done by blow-drying first with a round bristle brush, pulling it taught as you go. Next, pass the iron along hair to reduce frizz and smooth it down, but remember that hair is fragile so needs a rest from the heat as often as possible.





This hairstylist at Ports 1961 let the models' true texture shine without adding extensions or straightening it out. To maintain a thick and healthy Afro like this one, be prepared for regular trims every four to eight months to keep your curls out of your eyes. To style, rake some Treatment Oil warmed in your palms through with your fingers to boost shine and nourish the curls, then break the sections up by hand in order to prevent the hair from looking too uniform.





If you're in between lengths, a tapered cut like this model’s hairstyle at Versace is a good idea. Ask your stylist to cut the hair on the sides and back of the head a bit shorter, but keep the strands on top slightly longer to add shape. When styling at home, apply a defining cream like Curl Enhancing Lotion to very small sections from root-to-tip while hair is damp, then wrap sections around a tail comb to create tiny coils before letting them air-dry overnight or using a diffuser to add volume.