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5 party make-up crimes - and how to solve them

OK, so there's no real right or wrong when it comes to party make-up – it’s all about what makes you happy. But like wearing too many accessories or heels you can barely walk in (let alone have fun in), some things are less criminal than others. This way to atonement…

Don't Wear too much foundation.Foundation is wonderful stuff, sure, but too much of it will invariably end up looking dry and cakey, if it didn't already to begin with. Spend the time leading up to your party pushing lots of serum and/or moisturiser into your skin, so by the time you apply foundation it looks really fresh, then deploy the stealth layering rule: Layer 1: a mix of serum and radiance primer (like Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonderglow); layer 2: primer mixed with a little foundation; layer 3: just foundation, but very sheer and only where you need it.

Do Wear glitter.If not during party season, when? The key is to keep it grown-up - and by grown-up I mean Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Midnight Cowboy. Start by smoking your eyes in a soft taupe (the brown tones will complement the pale gold liner), then draw the glitter all the way along your upper lash line, finishing off with lashings of mascara.

Don't Apply lipstick to bare lips.It’s a party make-up staple that can look great when you’ve found your wow shade and teamed it with fresh skin (and very little else), but it’s criminal to apply a bold lipstick without care. Use balm to soften and smooth (give it time to sink in), plus a tiny bit of concealer or nude-y lip pencil to neutralise the pigment in your lips first. And always do two layers, blotting in between.

Do Keep your clutch lightweight.You’ll feel weighed down physically AND psychologically if you take too much make-up out with you - by the time you’re out, you should be focusing on having fun, not your face. All you really need is concealer and balm to freshen up under your eyes, plus a cream blush to brighten skin, which can become sallow as the evening wears on. Throw in a lipstick or gloss, if you’re using one, and/or a brown eyeliner to (softly) amp up the smokiness if required.

Don't Forget everything from the neck down.As it’s our face we focus on when doing our make-up, we're often guilty of forgetting people see us a whole, including all the other skin we have on display. Extend skincare to your neck, décolleté, shoulders, arms - and follow with a layer of SHOW Beauty’s Body Shimmer Oil. It gives a beautiful, warm finish to skin without looking too sparkly.


Annabel Meggeson - RED Magazine Beauty Director

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