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5 Fix-It Facials

Skin looking dull, feeling dehydrated, spotty or sun-damaged? Meet the treatments that will truly transform your face, leaving you with a glow all year round…

The Blemish Busting Facial


What does it do? Clears up pimples, black heads and milia (white spots that hide under the skin’s surface). This isn’t new but it works and it is targeted so your therapist will hone in on problem areas i.e. enlarged pores on the cheeks or the bumpy skin on the chin.

Salon experience? Bliss aestheticians get out their magnifying glasses and execute an all-out attack on acne and troubled skin. The facial begins with a spa-strength cleanser, a dead cell dissolving enzyme peel, a pre-extraction and bliss’s famous Triple Oxygen Mask to ready the skin for the extensive extractions. After that, you’ll be slathered in a special regulating and calming mask to absorb any remaining grease and also mattify and balance your complexions while you’re treated to a shoulder massage. The treatment is quite full-on, but spot-prone skin will not come away feeling sore and you will feel relaxed rather than jittery.

Results? Frequent break-out areas will be clear a few days post-treatment. If you have particular problems with blackheads, keep them clear by using their Steep Clean mask twice weekly.

Treatment details: Bliss No ‘Zit’ Sherlock facial with peel, 75 minutes, £125, Bliss Spa, 60D Sloane Ave London, SW3 3DD, 020 7590 6146 www.blissworld.co.uk

The Party-Prep Facial


What does it do? This is a great pre-party, ‘clinical’ treatment and is often the go-to fix for A-list celebrities before a red carpet appearance as it lends them instant tightness and enhanced contours.

Salon experience? The treatment starts with deep cleansing and lifting with Sarah’s signature gymnastic massage movements. Next EndyMed® Radio Frequency is passed over the treatment areas focusing on the delicate ageing eye contour to tighten, lift and open the eyes followed by the lower cheeks and jawline to deliver dramatic facial tightening and contouring. Her Chin and Jaw lift mask is applied to sculpt and contour the jaw while anaesthetic cream prepares the skin for EndyMed® Fractional Skin Resurfacing around the eye contour, upper lip and naso-labial folds. This three-dimensional skin resurfacing treatment gives you a smoother, brighter skin surface, while deep dermal heating reaches the collagen fibres causing a tightening effect. Finally, Dermalux® LED Light Therapy enhances the rejuvenation effects leaving firmer, lifted, brighter skin.

Results? Impressive. Skin is left with a glow and instant lift. Sarah’s top tip: Watch out for certain food groups which can wreak havoc on your skin. Reducing your salt intake and avoiding dairy products is beneficial as these can be very inflammatory, possibly triggering breakouts and puffiness. Continue the perked up look by using her Facelift Massaging Tool, specifically designed to encourage drainage and boost circulation.

Treatment details: Tri-Tech Powerlift, £650 for 90 minutes, or £2000 when booking a course of four. Sarah Chapman Skinesis Clinic, 259 Pavilion Road, Sloane Square, London, SW1X 0BP Tel: 0207 589 9585 www.sarahchapman.net

The All Rounder Facial


What does it do? The most hyped LA facial with zero down time, this one’s become the favourite of Hollywood’s stars, with Dr Colbert famously performing the Triad on models backstage at the Victoria’s Secret show in London.

Salon experience? Though each facial is tailored to the patient’s skin, it’ll generally start with microdermabrasion (a highly effective form of exfoliation using a tool that feels like a tiny, painless hoover), before moving on to a blast of laser toning using a red light that evens out skin pigmentation and texture, as well as stimulating the production of collagen. The third step is often a chemical peel, using lavender-flower acids to remove any remaining dull skin from the skins surface. After this, a moisturising hyaluronic and lactic-acid sheet mask is applied. The final flourish? A slathering of a secret face oil containing vitamins A and C.

Results? A much more radiant, glowing complexion with no visible pores, lines or wrinkles. Skin is firm, smooth and plump. To take the results home, grab Illumino Anti-Aging Brightening Mask - which is also incredible post-long-haul flights.

Treatment details: Dr Colbert Triad Medical Facial, start from 800 to 1200 dollars info@nydg.com https://www.nydermatologygroup.com/contact-us/

The Youth-Reviving Facial


What does it do? This one gives a deep clean, a gentle exfoliation and imbues skin with nutrients to decrease markers of ageing such as pigmentation and fine lines, while also plumping up more deeply-embedded wrinkles.

Salon experience? The facial features a combination of stimulating tools from an ultrasonic spatula, which uses a highly effective Piezoelectric current to draw out impurities while stimulating collagen production, to an O2 Infusion therapy which works by using powerful bursts of compressed air to infuse the skin with a combination of 95% pure oxygen and selected high-potency actives. Product is also applied throughout using a combination of ancient and modern massage techniques that feel great to boot.

Results? Instantly redefined facial contours and smoother, plumper, firmer and more glowing-looking skin.

Treatment details: Elemis Biotec facial from £65 nationwide. For spas and salons call Elemis on 01173161888

The Bespoke Treatment


What does it do? Teresa Tarmey offers every kind of facial from her new Needham Road clinic, encompassing drainage massage techniques, lasers, light therapies and extractions galore. Make like her vast A-list clientele and head her way when your skin’s misbehaving to set it back on the right track pronto.

Salon experience? The consultation is key: a facial here always starts with one, where concerns, preferred techniques and expected results are discussed. After that, the options are abundant with anything from a chemical peel, LED Light Therapy, IPL and Mesotherapy being employed to send you on your way with better skin.

Results? Expect acne to be calmed, wrinkles diminished, and marks to be softened. You’ll also be sent on your way with lots of invaluable advice on how to treat your skin going forward.

Treatment details: TT facial costs £220 for 1 hour to book email bookings@teresatarmey.com or call 020 7243 3247

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